Since 2010, VG Living Co. has embraced the art of transforming design into living experiences for modern Taiwanese individuals who value personal taste and authentic connections. We craft spaces where life's most genuine moments unfold—whether at home, on a terrace, or within the vibrant heart of a city.

We curate immersive encounters.

Our passion lies in redefining the essence of living, inspired by a profound appreciation for enduring design and lifestyle heritage. Above all, these timeless designs resonate with contemporary living, highlighting the impact and value of design in shaping our experiences and spaces.

We believe design is more than daily objects.

Each item we select carries a narrative rich in memories, time, and significance. We honor the history of every design piece by exploring the background and inspiration that brought it to life. This dedication, combined with our expertise in identifying special editions of vintage furniture, makes us a premier destination for collectors.

  • Infinite Objects

    We represent brands that embody ageless aesthetics and preserve vintage pieces, ensuring that quality furniture has an infinite lifecycle.
  • Bespoke Living

    We collaborate with new-generation Taiwanese cabinetmakers to craft tailor-made solid wood tables inspired by Scandinavian craftsmanship.
  • From Buyer to Maker

    We specialize in renovating wooden-base furniture, breathing new life into beloved pieces. We not only maintain the pristine quality of the vintage pieces we carry but also revamp them to be vibrant and well-preserved.
  • Fulfill by Nature

    We incorporate furniture, home decor, and soft furnishings to enrich daily life with layers of satisfaction. By embracing natural elements, we help individuals to rediscover the comfort and autonomy of the true sense of home.

Featured Brands

We proudly feature brands such as Brdr. Krüger, Bernhard Pedersen & Son, House of Finn Juhl, J.L. Møllers, and Linie Design , known for their exceptional craftsmanship and design.

Featured by VOGUE Taiwan

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Concept Store | The VG House

The VG House concept store embodies the "4Ms": Material, Making, Manifesto, and Maintain.
We aim to elevate the essence of Scandinavian living with modern Taiwanese simplicity.

  • The VG House Oak

    Discover timeless designs and find your unique taste in well-living.
  • The VG House Walnut

    Experience the tactile comfort of home, crafted for you.

The VG House artisanal services

  • Furniture configuration
  • Furniture renovating
  • Furniture customization
  • Furniture rental

3daysofdesign | Daughter’s Table

The inspiration for this table began with the arrival of our daughter Nana. More than just a dining table; it is the heart of the home. This table accompanies little ones through meals, games, drawing, and homework, it is a symbol of cherished memories.

To us, it is a vital piece of furniture that brings the family together.

Our vision transcends the size, location, or style of your home. The #VGway isn't about adhering to specific design principles or acquiring chic items; it’s about savoring the genuine moments that make life meaningful.

Join us where great stories begin and continue.

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